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'Patliputra Journal of Indology' published research articles that are useful for academicians, scholars and students. This journal will not publish any material which leads top anti-national or anti-constitutional ideas or leads to the contradiction of accepted human values. The view expressed by the individual authors are their own and do not necessarily reflect the policies of Patliputra Journal of Indology, or the view of the editor & publisher. The editor, editorial Board and the members of advisory board are fully empowered to edit and modify the articles to confirm the format and standards set by PJI. Copyright of the articles published in the journal vested with the Patliputra Journal of Indology" and no matter may be reproduced in any form without the prior permissions of the editor of 'Patliputra Joarnal of Indology.'

This journal will be half-yearly, multilingual referred research journal of Indology Specifically, the research paper will be published in the field of Sanskrit literature and Hinduism along with other Indian religions, Jainism, Buddhism, Pali literature and Sikhism We also include papers from modern Indology like contemporary India, its politics and Sociology.

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